Web security

We provide the basic items of products and services to ensure the security of your infrastructure.

About us

There are many risks, which have an influence of leakage of valuable information from digital devices. In business these losses can be a part of real material losses. It is inadmissible for startups and new business projects, which are working online. .

The company Komitet30 offer for you innovative decisions, it can provide web security

In our mind, hackers shouldn't get profit from other people's successful projects.

In our mind, clients must have an opportunity to do their own business online in safety.


We will individually explore website including all data. It support to understand all info in IT-infrastructure, find different issues and problems, which are connected with security. We appreciate their seriousness and provide recommendations for their changes and settings.

Website audit from


Web audit from



What we can doing?


We are checking web vulnerability / codes / utilities and provide audit service


All settings of web security we are testing in real conditions, then fix bugs.


We ensure all types of web security: Firewalls, Filtering of web-traffic, DDOS-attackes, IDS/IPS, security of networks and remote access.


After your order we can guarantee further compliance of your infrastructure with all protection requirements.